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Individual selections listed below, each containing an MP3 file to play, while following along with wording on that page. Select your desired passage from the lists below to be taken to that page.
Zip files for each column with mp3 files linked below. These can be added to your itunes or other account, and contain the lyrics for playing on your phone

Cadet Songs NEW!

(CLICK HERE for zip file

of MP3's for phone)

   Cadet 1

   Cadet 2

   Cadet 1&2

   Cadet 3

   Cadet 4 

   Cadet 3&4 

Scripture Choruses (CLICK HERE for zip file of MP3's for phone) ________________ 

Ten Commandments

Westminster Catechism
Apostle's Creed
Jeremiah 32: 38-41
1 Peter 2: 9-10
Psalm 1
Psalm 5
Psalm 13
Psalm 32
Psalm 34
Psalm 51
Psalm 71
Romans 8:32
Romans 12: 1-2

Children's Choruses (CLICK HERE for zip file of MP3's for phone) ___________________

He Laid down his life for His Sheep

Holy, Holy, Holy

How Precious is the Book Divine

I know of One who shed His blood for me 

I am so glad that Jesus loves me

I'm feeding on the living bread

I'm not too young to come to Jesus

Jesus can save little children

Jesus the Saviour of boys and girls

Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing

There's a way back to God

To God be the Glory!

Why did He love me?

Heidelberg Lord's Day Choruses (CLICK HERE for zip file of MP3's for phone)


Lord's Day 1

Lord's Day 2

Lord's Day 3

Lord's Day 4

Lord's Day 5

Lord's Day 6

Lord's Day 7


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